August Meeting – 30.08.2011

The turnout was low due to many members being on holidays (or even worse working).

It was great to see Frank Mepham made it to the meeting after a long absence due to illness.

A big welcome from everyone to Peter, who came as a Mike’s guest to see what we are all about. I am informed that he will sign up as a full member at the next meeting.

As this was an open workshop session, most had trees to work on (except for Elaine 🙂 ).  Mike helped Mark to style a Garden centre juniper and Lee was working on a nice Scotts Pine.

Maureen gave a report on the Club’s display at the Horticultural Show (held at Aylestone Leisure Centre) and took great delight in showing of the cup we won for the best overall display.  Well done!   I will post pictures of the display and the cup as soon as I can prise them out of Maureen’s hands.

Mike Konig will be doing a talk on Chinese Elm at the next meeting, so members are requested to bring a Chinese Elm Bonsai if they have one in their collection.  Newly acquired Mallsai (Tesco-, Lidl-, Homebase Bonsai) are welcome.


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