Change to Meeting Schedule

Just a quick note to confirm that the November meeting has been changed from an open Workshop and will now be the Annual General Meeting.

Suggestions are sought for next years meeting Schedule, Speakers and Trips.

Membership dues will be collected on the day, so bring your wallet ;D



Meeting 25.10.2011 – Open Workshop

I actually remembered to bring my camera to today’s meeting, so here is our first proper meeting report.

As requested, some members brought along trees showing Autumn colour. Frank brought his maple group planting, and Mike brought a Cork Bark Maple and a Japanese Larch.

Frank's Maple Group in full colour

Mike's Larch

Mike's Cork Bark Maple

As this meeting was an open workshop, there were lots of things going on at the same time, so here goes in no particular order.

Lee missed last months talk on Chinese Elms, so he brought along one of his Elms for a bit of a critique and advise.  The tree started life as a supermarket bonsai and had been sitting in his collection for a while with little attention.  It was repotted ealier this year and had filled out nicely.  While it will probably never be a “classic” bonsai, It has a pleasing outline and great visible roots.  Consensus was that the current front was not making the most of this feature and that a round pot may well suit the tree better.

Lee's Chinese Elm

Under scrutiny

Nice exposed roots

Possible alternative front, pending some branch removal

Dave C brought along a nice Chinese Juniper with a mysterious die back problem.  Some of the branches in the apex of the tree had died off without any visible cause.  All the dead branches were cut back to live wood and the tree will be left to recover before any more work,  The apex will need to be re-styled.

Dead branches and shoots removed from Dave C's Juniper

The Juniper cleaned up and now ready for recovery.

Dave (one of our newest members brought along a seriously heavy trunked Trident Maple. The tree has just recently come out of quarantine, having been imported from Japan earlier this year.  Dave was looking for a front to further development of this raw stock material.  As you can see from the smile on his face in the last photo, a workable front was found and marked and he got stuck in to tidy the tree up a little.  This one will be a real corker in the future.

Mark and Dave having a "serious" appraisal of the trident maple

Now here is a happy Face. Front found and work in progress.



Meeting Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the next Meeting is on Tuesday, 25.10.2011.  

This is just a week from now, so time to think about which trees you will bring to work on.

A few suggestions:

Now is a good time to wire Pines and junipers for refinement.  It is also a good idea to clean up the soil surface on your trees (removing excess moss, weeds and fallen leaves). before winter.

Maples should be at their best for colour, so if you have one that is showing it’s autumn splendour, bring it along for all to see.  Any tree with good autumn colour would be nice for the table display.