Last Night’s Meeting Report

Tony Remington was the Guest speaker and the meeting was well attended.

Tony demonstrated the techniques used to throw a variety of pots on his potters wheel and gave us an insight into the trials and tribulations of making bonsai pots.


His skill on the potters wheel and his banter had the club members in rapt attention.  He made it look so easy to produce a perfect pot from a lump of clay in just a few minutes, although the initial stages of centering the clay, drawing it up and then compressing it drew a few giggles and innuendo from the female contingent.

One of the relly fascinating techniques was the way Tony produces his Crack Pots.  I had always wondered how this was done.  He explained that this is a well known procedure used by many potters, using a chemical called sodium calcinate to alter the properties of the clay.

The initial shape of the pot is thrown on the wheel, with relatively thick walls and on this particular pot Tony scored the sides with a tool. The sodium calcinate is then applied with a brush.

The surface of the pot is then dried with a heat gun.

Then the pot is is shaped workin on the inside of the pot only.  The result was quite stunning.

No pottery demonstration is complete without giving one of the audience the opportunity to make a complete fool of themselves, and Lee was up for the challenge to have a go at the wheel, ably assisted by Dave.

While he was aiming for a tallish round pot, he managed to produce a good example of what may be called a primitive slab.  Full marks for trying though.

Tony had brought along a nice selection of pots for sale, all offered at a good discount and these proved very popular,

All Tony’s pots are available from his website at

So a great meeting night all round, but one of the regulars looked a bit bored throughout the proceedings.  There was rather too much throwing pots and not enough throwing sticks  for Elaine’s dog Billy.




2 comments on “Last Night’s Meeting Report

  1. Brilliant. I so wish Tony was closer to Somerset; so that we could ask him for an evening. I have many TR pots and love each and every one. The skill this master has is beyond most of us for certain. Lovely article. Thank you.
    Mike Jones (Bonsai-Passion)

  2. Hi All
    I would like to thank the Wigston club for making us very welcome. We had a good night. I have to say though the photos are not very flatering!! makes me look like the fat old man I am.
    Thanks again Tony, Jules, Alison.

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