Meeting Report 03.07.2012

This meeting was an open workshop for members to work on their own trees.
A variety of trees requiring trimming or wiring were brought in and worked on.

Elaine was working on a Chinese elm in need of some wiring and trimming

Mark’s Australian Bush cherry before shoot trimming

Mike’s Trident maple after defoliation

Frank was working on a windswept privet and a cotoneaster , both in need of a good trim.

During the meeting Maureen announced the winner of the “Best tree as voted by the public” competition from the Club Show last Sunday. Robin’s Chinese Elm Group swept the board with 64 out of 247 votes cast during the show. As you can see, Robin was very pleased and quite smug 😉
Here is Robin with his winning tree.

And finally, Frank brought along a tray of unidentified seedlings. They are obviously coniferous and came form a seed cone that was about the size of a small pineapple. Probably a Giant Redwood, but only time will tell. Frank is going to plant them up into individual pots and distribute to club members to grow them on.