Corin Tomlinson Confirmed as Guest Speaker

I have just confirmed Corin Tomlinson as the Guest speaker for the meeting on 7 May 2013.

Corin will be giving a talk on Maples in Bonsai Cultivation, offering a great opportunity for members to  bring along  Maple bonsai for advice and critique from one of the UK’s leading Bonsai artists.

Corin has studied bonsai for over 20 years, under some of the worlds most respected bonsai masters, such as Wm N Valavanis, Chase Rosade,Yuji Yoshimura and of course his father, Harry Tomlinson.

Apart from managing Greenwood Bonsai Studio, he now spends a great deal of his time travelling around the country, demonstrating and teaching the skills and artistry he has learnt.

Corin will be bringing along a selection of Bonsai bargains, so bring along some spare cash and make the most of the opportunity.

Please note that the meeting is open to non members at a fee.


Cold Weather Precautions

It looks like we will be getting a taste of winter over the next two weeks.  It will certainly make a change from the constant rain we have been experiencing, but will bring it own challenges.

It may be wise to think about protecting your trees from severe frost and cold wind.  With soil frozen in the pots, the rots will not be able to replace moisture lost from branches due to wind desication and may lead to dieback of small branches.  Especially the more tender species such as Chinese Elm, Azaleas and Trident maples and  should be brought into a shed or cold greenhouse to shelter them from the worst of the weather.  Alternatively, move them close to a house wall and cover with horticultural fleece.