Annual Club Show at the Botanical Gardens Leicester

30 June: WBC Annual Show at Leicester University’s Botanical Gardens

The annual Family Open day and Plant sale is a very popular event with plenty of plant stalls and other activities.  The good weather brought out the crowds and the Club put on a nice display of members bonsai and accent plants.

A big thank you to all members of the club and especially to Alan Moore, Mike, and Maureen for organising the display.  The trees were well prepared and the comments of the visitors reflected this.

As part of the exhibition, members nominate two of their trees  to be entered into a competition.  These trees are then voted on by the visiting  public to determine the tree with the most popular appeal.  Lee Bolton swept the board on this occasion, with his 8 year old Red Maple ‘Bloodgood’ Group and a magnificent  15 year old Deshojo Maple.  3rd prize went to Mike Konig for his informal Upright Juniper.

I am still trying to collate all the pictures from the show and will add these in a separate post at a later date.


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