Members Workshop – Group Plantings

The first of this years members workshops, and we couldn’t have picked a better day.  Bright blue sky and sunshine all the way.

A big thank you to Joan who volunteered her garden for the workshop and who kept everyone supplied with Tea and Coffee.

Members brought along a wide variety of raw and semi styled material to be used in their group plantings.  Some of the material was bare rooted hedging stock which had to go into deep pots or training trays to accommodate the roots, others were specifically grown for bonsai and could be planted straight into a flat bonsai pot.

I didn’t manage to get many shots of us working , but here are some of the groups that were put together during the day.

My apologies to Mark and Elaine, as I didn’t manage to get a photo of their massive Beech group. I’ll add this at a later stage to make sure we have a complete record of the day here on the blog.

First up Alan’s small group of Lonicera nitidia, planted on a slab pot.

Lee’s Blackthorn group was made from bare rooted stock, so he decided to play safe and use a plastic tray to give the roots a little more space.

Olly went with a group of mixed maple species, all with nice movement and plenty of fine feeder roots which allowed him to plant straight into a Mica Bonsai Tray.

Carol brought along two small groups of Swamp Cypress which were combined into a larger group.

Last but by no means least, Trevor put together a group of Larches.  All the trees have great character and some nice movement.

All of these group will now be allowed to settle and grow fro the rest of the season and we will have a follow up session to do any fine tuning and remedial work.


Meeting Report 04.03.2014

Meeting Report – Group Planting demo

Great to see such a good turnout for today’s meeting and a big welcome to our new members.

Mike put together a group made up of some small lonicera saplings and a larger group of Japanese Larch while explaining the aesthetic principles and basic guidelines on how to produce a natural looking composition.

Lonicera Group from Demo

Japanese Larch Group from Demo


The talk and demo was in preparation for a workshop held next Sunday where members can have a go at creating their own group plantings or landscapes.  Some members brought along their material for evaluation and advice.

Dave with one of his groups

Straggles hanging in there at the end of the meeting


Group Planting Workshop, Sunday, 9 March 2014

The workshop will be held at Joan’s House
The workshop will start at 11:00 am and should finish by 3:00 pm.  Bring along a packed lunch if you think you may get hungry while working, as we have not planned for a full lunch break. Joan will provide hot drinks .

Things you will need to plant up your creation:

 Trees – best to bring a few more than you plan to put into the group to give you some options

 Suitable Soil – either Akadama/Kyodama mix or a basic mix of potting compost, sharp sand and grit

 Shallow Bonsai Pot or training crate/tray
 Tools
 Wire – to secure the trees and for wiring trunks and branches
 Any rocks, stones and moss for adding to the planting

Next monthly Meeting:

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Practical WorkshopDeadwood, Jin and Shari

Practical session to demonstrate how to apply jin and shari, including techniques, preparation, carving and preserving

Please bring along trees that already have deadwood features or can be enhanced by adding deadwood.