Meeting Reminder

Next Meeting is on Tuesday, 4 November.  This meeting is our AGM, where we discuss Club Business, membership and plan the meeting and events schedule for next year.

Can I ask everyone to have a think about what they would like to cover in next years meetings, any ideas for speakers or workshops and anything else that may be included in the annual calender of events.

Hope to see you all there


One comment on “Meeting Reminder

  1. Hi Mike, Thank you for sending out reminder – already in the diary. I won’t be taking on Secretary position. I work f/t and eves/weekends are always busy, and we have numerous bonsai to look after now and we are doing alterations in the house. I may consider a small part of the job – maybe help with typing up prgramme and/or booking some speakers – known as Programme Sec. Or maybe do the refreshments if Cath resigned. I can’t manage the web though – am not proficient enough in names of trees and I got stressed with it before due lack of time. This needs someone to specifically do and take photos. Dipak is NOT the person as he says he will do things and then doesn’t carry them out. He needs pushing all the time and then says his family comes first. Oh well, good luck. What’s happening for Christmas – are we eating out again? Where is most central for people? Cheers, Carol.

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