Ollys workshop

As some of you know I was invited to a Bonsai workshop down in Hampshire at a placed called Avon Tyrrell.  There would be four instructors and fifteen pupils.


You had to take along your own native species of trees or raw material to work on.  I took along a big lump of privet.


a bit of Yew from Mike


and a Hawthorn that I had only seen in photographs.


The Hawthorn I bought I acquired from a guy called Smithy who invited me to the workshop and also was going to be one of the instructors.

The other instructors were a guy called Will Badley who is a renowned Bonsai carver


Paul Finch stylist;


Smithy who works out of the box with his trees back to nature


And Simon Jones from Cheshire (no photo)

On arriving Friday afternoon it was straight into the trees until 3.00 in the morning, drinking beer on the way.  Saturday morning found us back on the trees right through until 2.00 Sunday morning.(more beer)

Sunday  up early again and back to our trees. It was na amazing weekend, picked up loads of knowledge . Here are the trees back home. Next job in the spring to pot them up.




Hope you enjoyed


2 comments on “Ollys workshop

  1. Congratulations on becoming our Club’s new Web Editor and can see you are already into blogging. Interesting to see the before and after on 3 trees over 3 days (and 2 nights)! LOL. Well done you. Thanks for sharing the experience

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