Carol & Allens winter protection


How Carol and Alan are coping with winter protection for most of their collection of bonsai and accents. Not having space to plunge trees in their pots in garden soil, they are having to manage with a purpose built stand.



A section of the stand was opened up to inspect for trees drying out.




After inspection, tidying and removing any dead leaves, the stand is re-covered with it’s first layer of horticultural fleece, pegged at joins
and weighted down with bricks.



​Finally fine plastic mesh with battens at bottom is brought down over the fleece to deflect driving rain. To prevent plants rotting, the sides have a larger mesh covering and the top is open slatted so air can circulate. When inspected on this occasion (Jan’15), was noticed some of the buds were already starting to expand (not quite opening), in readiness for Spring in spite of the present very cold spell being experienced in East Midlands. When weather warms up, fleece will be removed and the green mesh at front is rolled up and lowered for sun protection as required.


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