Meeting Report 4 August 2015

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Maples, maples, everywhere – the Maple Pruning session proved to be a very popular meeting.  In spite of it being the holiday season, we had a good attendance with 14 members, including a new one. Many different species, sizes and styles were brought along. Some had been developing for many years, others were mid-way or starting in styling and some were still in pots and boxes for trunk thickening and nebari development, or just growing out as future potential. Quite a selection for viewing and discussion during the evening.
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Mike had a wide choice of examples to demonstrate the care and needs of maples, covering the what, why and when we do what we do during the year. There was plenty of snipping going on as the need for thinning out and shaping was explained.  Also covered was reducing or defoliating leaves, shortening inter-nodes, air-layering, repotting, and is it wind burn, sun burn or dehydration that causes leaves to crisp and curl?  Think there will be many of these trees turning up for the wiring session. Thank you Mike as always for your expertise in helping us with nurturing our trees in the right direction.

Preparation for our next public display at the Aylestone Show, Leicester, on 31 August was announced and further details will be despatched to members very soon. The next day will be our Club meeting on 1 September.  Mike will be demonstrating basic wiring techniques. The maples will be turning up, plus other trees for another popular session.

Please look at our Gallery pictures to see some of the maples in members’ collections.

Diary Note:  If you want to see world class bonsai demos, displays and stalls in the UK, then don’t miss the opportunity of Bonsai Europa 2015, Oct 10-11, The Castle Armoury, Bury, Manchester BL9 0LB. Tickets on the door.  See for full details, and updating email facility.