Visit to Europa Bonsai 10 Oct 2015

Four Club members travelled to Manchester for this international two-day event.  The trees and accent plantings on display were simply magnificent.  Gave a lot of food for thought, and a yearning to be able to produce bonsai to such high standards. It was obvious years of loving tender care had gone into the work.  It was not only the trees, but the pots selected and stands and accents making up a whole exhibit.  Believe all the display trees had accompanying accents and some of these were very interesting too in their composition.  There were plenty of suppliers’ stalls and demonstrations by international artists.  Also an excellent feature was the free children’s workshops where they created under guidance a bonsai with a Chinese Elm, and were able to keep their product. Certainly one way to get the younger generation interested in bonsai growing, and was well supported. It was a long and tiring day with much foot work but very satisfying and yes, we all came came back with purchases.  My only grumble was that it was not disable friendly to get upstairs to the demonstrations – there was no lift in the Armoury Building which is an old and preserved property. Well done UK’s Tony Tickle for organising the exhibition – a huge task. and giving those who attended a wonderful opportunity to see such a variety of master pieces on display.   The standard was excellent. Next event is in 2 years at Dusseldorf, Germany.

There are numerous and wonderful pictures on several websites by just Googling Bonsai Europa 2015 but one that just about shows everything is:    Enjoy the viewing.


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