Greenwood’s Bonsai Bash September 2015


Free Bonsai Event 12th – 13th September 10am – 5pm

It’s that time of the year again!  Everyone is welcome to our Bonsai Bash.  We will have a 10% sale on all Bonsai in store throughout the weekend.

Corin will be running styling demonstrations on both days, working on various bonsai material.

Saturday:  Escallonia (return of last year’s tree) demo.  Followed by styling/carving demo on large Yamadori Hawthorn.

Sunday:     Yamadori Mugo Pine

Demos will be run:  10.30am – 1pm   &   2pm – 4pm on both days

We have also put together a Masterpiece Bonsai Exhibition with new and unseen specimens from Corin and Harry Tomlinson’s personal collections.

Food and drink this year will be provided by Rustic Crust who will be serving fresh pizza from their mobile stone oven.

Greenwood Bonsai Studio

Ollerton Road, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8PR

Aylestone Show 31Aug and Meeting Report 1 Sep 2015

City of Leicester Horticultural Show, Aylestone

Featured image

WBC won the show’s Lord Mayor’s cup – the Brighton Gardens of Greeting Trophy – for best non-competitive trade stand, which we hold for a year. Unfortunately, taking pictures of exhibits at the Aylestone Show is rather disappointing. The sulphur lighting in the hall bathes everything in a strong yellow hue and in spite of filtering, the pics cannot do justice. Above is an overall shot of the main stand.

As an aside, for the first time, we made a point of displaying a few trees in training showing wiring techniques. Also a constructed timber box housing a Japanese larch with root over rock in development, as follows.

Featured image

The trees in training generated additional interest and questions from the public for an explanation of the processing involved.

Featured image

The Cotoneaster root over rock above, on the main display, shows what can be achieved after a period of training and development – the finished result.

September Meeting

14 members attended including a new recruit – welcome to the Club Steven. The evening’s topic was wiring. As summer fades out and autumn approaches, there is not a lot that can be done at this time of year but some trimming and wiring mainly on pines, larches and junipers and some deciduous. Azaleas and fruiting trees tend to be a bit more brittle and should be left to the spring before bud development. The meeting room was again packed with members and their trees of various species and sizes. Mike concentrated his demonstration on basic wiring for raw material to start shaping and the neater, finishing off work for display trees. Basically we looked at getting light into trees to promote strength; anchoring the wire by doing two branches in sequence; the ratio of wire twist along the branch; the gauge of wire to use; and joining thinner wire for fine work on ends before turning tips up. Also how to wire bends and forks, and whether to wire over or under for a situation. A lot to take in, especially for beginners and probably one of the more daunting tasks until confidence grows with practice. We all learn from our mistakes.

Relocation: During the meeting it was put to members that a possible two new locations had been found. We have to move home because the fire station is refurbishing and will lose its community room where we currently meet. The new location is to be Syston Rugby Club as from January 2016.

Greenwood’s ‘Bonsai Bash’ 12-13 Sept, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 8PR:

This month Greenwood’s hold their annual event which is FREE and makes a good day out for the experienced and beginners alike – see Members will be supporting the occasion and most seem to be going on the Saturday. Contact Mike if you require transport to attend.

Next Meeting: Tues, 6 Oct 7.30pm at normal venue.  A new venture when we shall be holding a Tree Surgery – Help My Tree’. Bring along those problem trees and make notes from advice given. Mike is not expected to be working to put trees right, as he needs to be able to get around and see everything. Members are expected to take away the advice and put the information to good use on their own trees.  It will also be an opportunity to purchase tools and materials from Mike who will be running down his stocks after moving to a smaller home and work is taking him in a new direction.  He may or may not bring pots. However, if you require a particular item, let Mike know in advance so he can purchase for you through the trade and bring to the meeting.

November is AGM time – so put it into the diary please. A time for review, possible changes and new ideas.

Meeting Report 4 August 2015

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Maples, maples, everywhere – the Maple Pruning session proved to be a very popular meeting.  In spite of it being the holiday season, we had a good attendance with 14 members, including a new one. Many different species, sizes and styles were brought along. Some had been developing for many years, others were mid-way or starting in styling and some were still in pots and boxes for trunk thickening and nebari development, or just growing out as future potential. Quite a selection for viewing and discussion during the evening.
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Mike had a wide choice of examples to demonstrate the care and needs of maples, covering the what, why and when we do what we do during the year. There was plenty of snipping going on as the need for thinning out and shaping was explained.  Also covered was reducing or defoliating leaves, shortening inter-nodes, air-layering, repotting, and is it wind burn, sun burn or dehydration that causes leaves to crisp and curl?  Think there will be many of these trees turning up for the wiring session. Thank you Mike as always for your expertise in helping us with nurturing our trees in the right direction.

Preparation for our next public display at the Aylestone Show, Leicester, on 31 August was announced and further details will be despatched to members very soon. The next day will be our Club meeting on 1 September.  Mike will be demonstrating basic wiring techniques. The maples will be turning up, plus other trees for another popular session.

Please look at our Gallery pictures to see some of the maples in members’ collections.

Diary Note:  If you want to see world class bonsai demos, displays and stalls in the UK, then don’t miss the opportunity of Bonsai Europa 2015, Oct 10-11, The Castle Armoury, Bury, Manchester BL9 0LB. Tickets on the door.  See for full details, and updating email facility.


Meeting Report 7 July 2015

12 members and a visitor attended. This evening’s event was a new project for us – a Swap Shop & Bring’n’Buy when an assortment of trees. plants, pots, materials, and books were brought to the meeting for member’s requirements.  It was interesting to see Trevor’s first handmade pots in a variety of styles – he is a budding potter and bonsai enthusiast. DSCN0770

The Bosworth Show was discussed and Mike confirmed the top places for the public voting and Winner beingFrank with 100, Olly Joint 2nd with two exhibits of 68 each, and Trevor 3rd with 55 votes.  Every exhibit was voted on by the public which was also a good response for everyone.

It was also announced that unfortunately we need to find a new meeting place from beginning of 2016.  Our current venue is going to be refurbished and our room will disappear plus the fact we have now outgrown the space.  So we are looking for a new location within Leics that can provide us with a room for 2hrs, with tables to work on, and good car parking facilities for our members who come from all over the county from Coalville and Loughborough and places in between.  Please contact Mike or Carol with any suggestions.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Our next Club meeting on Tues 4 August will cover Maple pruning, and details for the Aylestone Show on the 31st Aug, also a Bank Holiday Monday.

Report on Market Bosworth Show, Leics 05/07/2015

Apols for lateness of report but fortunately others have already contributed on this event.  The Show was our first public display this year.   We had 19 exhibits of which 12 were selected for public voting of best presentation.  There was a great deal of interest from the public and members were kept busy talking about the display and our Club activities.  The bonsai exhibits, which included accent planting, are an indication of the levels of ability in the Club from beginners to those who have many years experience.  A record 438 votes were counted this time and the winner will receive the Club Members’ Trophy at the AGM later in year. 2nd pic shows the winner, Frank’s Acer palmatum group (no.4), and Trevor’s Chinese Elm informal upright (no.5) came 3rd.  The next pic is one of the joint 2nd place exhibits. Olly was also joint 2nd with his Picea group (not shown).  Other pics show Mike’s Salix yesoalpina,  Becka’s Buddhist Pine and her Acer Palmatum, and Frank’s Gingko which were just some of the other examples.  Well done everyone who participated.  Our next public show will be at the Aylestone Horticultural Show, Leicester, on 31 August when we compete with others for best overall club display.

Overall Display

Overall Display

Featured image

Olly's Acer palmatum 'Deshojo' came Joint 2nd by public vote

Olly’s Acer palmatum ‘Deshojo’ came Joint 2nd by public vote

Mike's Willow Cascade

Mike’s Willow Cascade


Becca's Acer palmatum Informal Upright

Becca’s Acer palmatum Informal Upright

Frank's Gingko Formal Upright

Frank’s Gingko Formal Upright

Bosworth Show

As Mike said it was a good turn out (a few more trees from other members would have been good). Every member of the public seemed to enjoy our stand. Here are some photos of our display

image image image image image image

Well done to Frank with is Maple Group who won the publics vote for the Best Tree In Show

Bosworth Show

A big Thank You to everyone who made the effort to come along and support this annual event.

The Display looked great and we had a lot of interest throughout the day.

A special thanks to Rebecca who worked tirelessly to bring in votes for our competition.  With support from Carol and the two Allens we manged to get a record breaking 348 people to vote on the day. I have the result of the votes (with a clear run away winner).  All will be revealed at the next meeting.

Meeting Report 2 June 2015

The project for the evening was preparation of trees for showing, with the Market Bosworth Show particularly in mind.  The date is fast approaching and the Club will be displaying members’ trees to the public.  Two trees per member can be submitted and all are not required to be perfect specimens.  As a club for all levels of expertise, we aim to show trees in all stages of development, encourage members to gain confidence, as well as advertise WBC for prospective new members.

A variety of trees and styles were brought to the meeting – mainly shohin or larger with some mame.  Pines and conifers, to maples, fruit trees and hawthorn were some examples. No photos this time. The room was buzzing with people moving around to view and discuss exhibits. Mike was in much demand as his wealth of experience was called upon.  With 15 members attending with their paraphernalia, and all the activity, it was a very full-on meeting.

Sunday, 21 June 2015:  Members’ Workshop Day – Finalising Show Trees  

A reminder that this will take place at Dipak’s house 11am-4pm, when we shall be finalising exhibits for the Bosworth Show and, if time permits, a trial display.  Please bring maximum of two trees (plus any accompanying accent plantings) with details of species, style, age for labelling.  Show and parking details will be confirmed.  If you are unable to attend the Workshop, please contact Mike for Show arrangements.  There will be a mailing sent out on Workshop details but please put in your diary as it is also Father’s Day.  Look forward to seeing you there – these events are organised to provide intense practical experience in a timely and relaxed atmosphere.  Don’t forget to bring your lunch too.

Sunday, 5 July 2015:  Market Bosworth Country Show – WBC Public Display

After the June workshop, there will not be another Club meeting before this Show where we will be exhibiting.  Please ensure date in diary and you are available to bring your trees in the morning before the Show opens and collect them at end of the day, or arrange with another to transport your specimens.  We also need volunteers to help erect and dismantle our display stand.  The Show is a very large, all day event, which draws crowds with attractions for all ages.  Contact Mike for confirmation of our arrangements and exhibitor parking.

16-17 May 2015 – Japanese Maples

Several WBC members travelled to Arnold in Nottinghamshire for this event held at Greenwood’s Bonsai.  The weather was bright if a bit brisk but stayed dry for wandering around the nursery where maples were in their springtime magnificence. In the studio the Tomlinson Maple Collection was on display.  Corin gave presentations on its history and species characteristics.

The occasion was also a book launch for Neil Kenney’s ‘An Illustrated Guide to Japanese Maples for Garden Planting and Patio Pots’ (2015) Larchfield Publications, Wolston. ISBN 978-0-9932133-0-4.  At £14.95, it is a 132 page comprehensive guide on cultivation of maples with beautiful photography.  Neil also gave cultivation demonstrations and did book signings.  There is a chapter on bonsai.