Meeting Schedule 2015

Wigston Bonsai Club

Meeting and Event Schedules 2015

Meetings will start at 7:30 pm at our usual venue (unless otherwise stated in the schedule) and will end at about 9:30 pm.  Please make sure to arrive a little earlier for signing in and getting settled. This will help us to make sure we have the full meeting to devote to the topic of the day.

We will allow 10 minutes or so at the end of each meeting for members to bring along trees for advice and consultation, even if this is outside of the meeting topic.

Members are encouraged to bring along trees that are looking their best at certain times of the year to show them to others and maybe give a short talk about the trees development and history.

A “loan a book table” will be available for members to loan out a book from the clubs library of bonsai related books at a nominal charge.

We will also trial a “things to do this month” section at the end of each meeting to help members get the best out of their trees through the growing season


Tue 6 Jan               Think Tank & Discussion:

Planning for the Year, Housekeeping and Presentation of Annual Club Trophy .


Tue 3 Feb              ** NEW** Invited Speaker:  Steve Kitchman of China Mist Potteries  **NEW**


Members will have opportunity to make a small hand-crafted pot suitable for accent, mame or shohin under the supervision of one of Britain’s most talented Bonsai Potters. Steve will take the pots back to his workshop to fire and glaze them and then return them to the members.

Any extra cost for materials to be advised. Bring a picture to copy something you like.


 Tue 3 Mar              Repotting & Pruning Workshop with Mike: 

Practical workshop on re-potting Deciduous trees in spring.

Please note that due to the time limit of the meeting , members are advised to bring no more than two trees to repot.  You will need to bring along your tree,(a suitable pot) potting soil, drainage mesh, tie in wire and tools.


Sun 15 Mar           Optional outing to the Bonsai Car BootSale

Find some bargain trees or pots or look for material for the workshop later this month.

The boot sale starts at 7:00 am and usually peters out at about 11:30 am.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are open all day and are well worth a visit, especially the National Bonsai Collection which is housed there.  Please note that while entry to the car boot is free, you will need to buy a ticket if you want to visit the gardens.     Consider Car sharing to assist with fuel/parking charges.


Sun 22 Mar           Root Over Rock Members’ Day Workshop: *NEW*

The workshop will be held at Ollie’s or Alan’s home, starting at 11:00am and finishes about 4:00pm.

Bring your own materials and tools or advise Mike to source some material for you at a reasonable cost.

You will need a suitable rock, a tree (healthy with a good root system), some hemp or cotton string, wire, potting soil, some moss and Tools.


Tue 7 Apr              Wiring Junipers/Repotting Pines Workshop with Mike:

Practical workshop on re-potting and wiring Junipers and Pines. Bring own tree materials and tools or advise Mike to source some for you.


Sun 19 Apr            Chinese Elm Landscaping Members’ Day Workshop:     *NEW*

Host home required! starting at 11:00 am and finishes about 4:00 pm.

Bring your own materials and tools or advise Mike to source some material for you at a reasonable cost.

You will need 3, 5 or 7 Chinese Elm trees of varying sizes and shapes, potting soil, a suitable shallow pot or slab, any rocks and moss you want to add to the planting, drainage mesh, wire and tools.


Tue 5 May             Follow-up to Group Planting Workshop with Mike

Further development of your project from last year’s workshop.

Bring your project, materials and tools.


Tues 2 Jun             Show Tree Preparation Workshop with Mike: 

Planning of the display and preparing your specimens for Bosworth Show. Members are advised to bring two trees they wish to exhibit at this year’s shows.  The trees do not need to be perfect specimens, as our shows are not judged, but there to show our members trees in all stages of development.


Sun 21 Jun             Finalising Show Trees Members’ Day Workshop

Host home required! starting at 11:00am and finishes about 4:00pm.

Finishing our preparations for the Bosworth Show , so bring your two trees to complete your display/labelling/trial display/Show details/parking.


Sun 5 Jul                BOSWORTH SHOW:    Market Bosworth Showground All Day – big event!

Volunteers to set up/dismantle display. Bring your 2 show trees.  We will invite the Public to vote for the tree that appeals most to them.


Tue 7 Jul               ** NEW**  Swap Shop/Bring & Buy **NEW

Fun Open Evening for everyone and friends – Bring anything and everything to do with Bonsai to exchange or sell.


Tue 4 Aug              Summer Maple Pruning Workshop with Mike: 

Learn how to develop your Maples by using summer pruning  techniques.

Bring your own trees, materials and tools or advise Mike who may be able to source some material for you.


Mon 30 Aug          Bank Holiday AYLESTONE Horticultural Show:  

Ayelstone Leisure Centre- All Day Event.

Volunteers to set up/dismantle display. Bring 2 Bosworth Show trees. Cont’d public voting for best tree.


Tue 3 Sep              Basic Wiring Workshop with Mike: 

Back to basics to get it right. Bring some plants or trees in development to get advice on correct wiring procedure and techniques. You will need some plants or trees, some wire and wire cutters.  Please advise Mike if you need him to source some material for you.


Sun ? Sep     Date tbc           GREENWOOD Bonsai BASH: 

Greenwood Bonsai Studio, Nottingham- Open Day –

This is a popular annual event.  All Day Bonsai Styling Demos by Corin Tomlinson, with 10% discount off trees, Bargain pots,  a display of specimen Bonsai and good value  refreshments.


Tue 6 Oct               Tree Surgery – Help My Tree

Bring along a tree to get advice on styling, health problems or general advice on further development


Tue 3 Nov              CLUB AGM: 

Reports and Election of New Committee 

We know this may sound boring, but we need all members to support this event in order to keep our club activities interesting and engaging.  It is your club after all, so take the opportunity to have your say and help plan for next year.


Tue 1 Dec              Annual Club Social: 

Meal at More’s Restaurant, London Rod, Leicester

A fun evening  after a long bonsai year.  Bring a partner.  Chill out.  Plenty to eat.


Items to be confirmed:

Sun ? Aug        PALMERS SHOW:  Enderby Garden Nursery.  To be discussed where in programme? Consider May/Aug.


?Sun 4 Oct       Deadwood Members’ Day Workshop:  Invited Speaker/Demonstration – Location/date tbc

*NEW*           Poss open to other bonsai clubs. To be discussed and costing for Masterclass.




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